Cover letters for email job applications

These days over 90% of the job applications are summited via the Internet by email.

When summiting a job application via email many people do not bother to attach a formal covering letter. This is a big mistake!

You should _always include a cover letter_ as an attachment along with your CV or resume.

Even though your cover letter will probably not be read during the first round of selection procedures, it will be read by the selection board members / managers when you are short listed for interview.

These people will probably not get to read the contents of your email, and so sending along a cover letter will help you stand out from the other applicants at this critical stage.

Remember too to write a clear subject line with the word "application" and the job reference number. This will ensure your job application is handled correctly and read by the correct people.

The body of your email should include a short paragraph about your application i.e. "I am writing to apply for the position of xx ref number xx advertised in xx on xx".

You should also include a short paragraph about yourself, your skills and how you can be contacted. Do not write long paragraphs, though, as long emails will probably not be read. Bulleted lists are a good idea for emails, so use them if needed.

In summary, when you send in a job application by email you should:

*Write a clear subject line with the word "application" and job ref number

*Include a paragraph or two explaining your application and about yourself

*Attach your CV to the email

*Attach your covering letter to the email.

Good Luck! We hope you get the job of your dreams!

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