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Only the TOEFL iBT (Internet Based Test) is available in Hong Kong. Learn the top tips from a HK English expert TEFL tutor.

As a person who speaks English as a second language, taking the TOEFL test is one of the hardest things a person can do. It determines not only your comprehension of the English language; it can determine your ability to get into many of the prestigious English-speaking universities.

Since taking the test is important, you should understand that there are 10 easy steps to prepare and take the test so that you get a great score and show that you can do what so many fail at the first time.


Understand the Format of the TOEFL Test

You first need to fully understand what the test is and how it is conducted. There are 4 sections of the test as you will need to be competent in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Each section carries 30 points or one quarter of the total weight.

Get Ready by Taking a Preparation Course

You need to properly prepare for the test. Give yourself a minimum of six months up to a year to properly study and hone your skills as you will need each and every day to give yourself the best edge possible. HK English runs regular TOEFL iBT Preparation Courses

Read English Books and Listen to English Radio

Broaden your horizons by reading and listening to as much as you can. Read books that you normally wouldn’t enjoy and listen to all aspects of news. You will need to be well versed in many aspects of daily life, sciences, arts and literature. This practice will give you better reading and listening vocabulary. the TOEFL iBT tests your vocabulary and you need to be able to understand many difficult words. Reading more will help you to be able to guess the meaning of a particular word or phrase.

Learn to Take Notes

You will need to learn how to take proper study notes. This will help you remember later on what you need to learn as well as noting things you may not fully understand and how to research them later on. Good note taking leads to better studying.

Improve Your English Pronunciation

Learn to practice speech through proper pronunciation. Recording your own speech is easy via many of the recording software options for laptops and desktop computers. You can record your speech and then playback to see where your strengths are as well as improvement points. This is crucial to the speaking portion of the test where pronunciation is critical to a good score. The best way to improve your English pronunciation is with a native English TOEFL tutor. Remember the iBT exam in HK requires you to do the speaking test with a computer!

Be Computer Savvy

Learn to properly type on a keyboard as this will make things much easier when taking the TOEFL written test. The hunt and peck method of typing is slower than simply learning to touch type on a keyboard as well as making corrections easier as you do not have to look at the screen and keyboard constantly.

Learn To Write English Essays

Learn to write a western style essay. Knowing how to properly paragraph using headings, body and conclusion will make the writing portion of the test as simple as picking up a pencil. A native English tutor can teach you the correct way to organise an essay using paragraphs, topic sentences and cohesive devices (“linking words”). Studying with an expert TOEFL tutor means you get feedback on your written work and in-depth tuition on how to improve.

Practice Your English Daily

Practice as much as possible. Engage in everyday activities that will push you to use your skills and make using proper techniques easy for you. This will ensure that much of the test will be easier for you when the time comes. Use the many resources online to practice the test subjects.

Take a TOEFL iBT Course in Hong Kong and relax

I know this seems hard at times but this is simply a test and nothing more than that. Get plenty of sleep and eat a good meal prior to test day. Do things as you would normally do and you will feel normal and relaxed. By taking a course to prepare for the TOEFL exam you know your capabilities and be less nervous.

Be Positive

Don’t fret if you do not pass with the TOEFL score you need the first time. This test is hard by any standard and many do not pass the first time. Even natural born English speakers would find the test difficult. Take the test again using what you have learned and you will eventually pass.

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